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Troubleshooting: The App

Facing an obstacle? Not sure about something? 

Here are some common troubleshooting tips to help. If you’re still unclear or can’t resolve the issue, email us, we’re here to help! 


I am not getting my feeding & potty alert notifications. Why?

Make sure your notifications are switched on in your phone settings and in the PupAlert® App

How do I change the picture of my dog?

Click your “Manage Pup Schedule”, click the current picture and select a new picture.

How do I check the battery life of my device?

Click the wheel picture in the top left corner of the home screen & click ‘Battery Status’

While I am away from my home how do I stop receiving the ‘Pup at the Door’ alerts on my phone?

Go to your phone settings, chose notifications, scroll to PupAlert®, and turn off the sound icon.

How do I get my other members of my household to receive notifications as well as myself?

Each person has to download the PupAlert® app from the store. Once downloaded open the app and follow the instructions for "I have a PupAlert® account"