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Easy To Follow Instructions

Welcome to PupAlert®!

PupAlert® is an easy-to-use, efficient and stress free potty training system. 

Integrating it into your dog's potty training schedule and overall training means you'll always know when your dog needs to go. 

For a video guide to training your dog to the system click here: Training



Download the PupAlert® app from wherever you download your apps. Once it’s installed, set up an account and then the app will guide you through a setup procedure.


Remove your PupAlert® sensor and plug it in for charging. It could take up to 5 hours to fully charge.


We recommend you only take your dog out via one designated potty door for the duration of the potty training.

Mount your device 24-30 inches out from your doorframe & about the height of your dog’s neck up the wall. You can secure your device to the wall with your adhesive velcro strips. As your pup grows taller, you may want to increase the height of your sensor for optimum results.

If your designated potty door is a metal, or if the door is in a busy part of the house you may experience interference with your sensor and erroneous notifications. Place the sensor several feet away from the door, or in an alternative designated location.

We recommend placing your device on standby when moving it around, to avoid unnecessary noises and beeps.

Power On

It's time to power on your system. Press the power button once. A pink light will appear for 3 seconds followed by a green light, followed by blue to indicate it is in setup mode. Once the light starts flashing green, it is ready. 


  1. Go into your Wifi settings in your phone. 
  2. In available networks you will see PupAlert® 
  3. Select it and a new screen will appear. 
  4. Click 'Ready' at the bottom of the page. Your phone is now connected to your PupAlert device.
  5. You will then be given the option to select your home WiFi network. 
  6. You will receive a notification that your device is connected and ready for use.
  7. Now you can name your sensor, i.e. 'front door'. 
  8. The device light will pulse cyan to indicate normal functioning.
  9. If the device light pulses magenta power off and then on again to recalibrate.


Test your device to make sure it is accurately set up by taking your dogs new PupAlert® tag within 18-24 inches of the device. You will hear a positive tri-tone alert from the device as well as receiving an alert to your phone after a few seconds.

Once your device & your PupAlert® App are connected, attach your tag to your dog's collar. For optimum results we recommend the tag be on the outside of your dog’s existing tags.


Customize your PupAlert® App to your dog's specifications - photo, name and age  to create a personalized potty training experience for letting your dog out based on the age of your dog. Also you can personalize your feeding schedule reminders by pressing the orange button.

Remember: we are training your pup to tell you when they need to go out, so it is crucial you follow the system to reinforce the routine.

When it is time to take your pup out, take them to your designated potty door and have them sit within 18-24 inches of your PupAlert® device. You will hear a positive tri-tone from the device and receive a notification – this tone is also a reinforcement to your pup that he/she is in the correct location.

Once you hear the tone, immediately open the door & take your pup out to your designated potty area. We recommend taking your pup to the same spot every single time and use a potty command to reinforce what you are there to do. Wait to praise once your pup has completed and then let them inside again.

Continue taking your pup out over the next few weeks, during the day, based on the age appropriate schedule recommended by your PupAlert® App. 

For more insights into how to train your dog and to avoid some common potty training mistakes, check out our helpful post here:  

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