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Troubleshooting: The Device

Facing an obstacle? Not sure about something?

Here are some common troubleshooting tips to help. If you’re still unclear or can’t resolve the issue, email us, we’re here to help!   



What happens if my device won’t charge?

Check that the charger and electrical cable is working

Check that the electrical outlet is working.

My device won’t set up.

Is it plugged in?

Have you held the Setup Button down (next to the power button) until the light has changed to blue?

Did you charge your device prior to setup?

Try turning the sensor off and set up again.

How do I turn my device on?

The button closest to the charging port on the side of your device is the power button.

How do I reset my device?

Insert a pin on the top of your device into the hole and your device will reset.

Why is my device setting off randomly?

Environmental interference such as a large metal door, large metal objects or other electronic devices can trigger your sensor. Turn off your device and turn on to recalibrate or do a hard reset by holding your power button down for 20 seconds. Let your device set for 30 seconds and then power back on.

I have more than one door I let my dog out. What do I do?

You can purchase additional devices & link them to your app by clicking the link here -> Additional Device

I have more than one dog. Can I add this dog to my account?

No. Unfortunately you can not add a second dog to the app at this time, however, you can purchase an Additional Tag and you will get notifications when this dog has gone to the door.

My device button is flashing magenta, how do I stop it?

Turn the device off and on again, that will clear the magenta light. 

I moved my device and the alert is going off but my dog isn't at the door.

If you have moved your device it will send out the 'Dog at Door' Alert. Press the power button once, for one second. The device will take a few seconds to recalibirate. 

The door that dog goes out is a thoroughfare and the device goes off all the time, what is the solution?

If the door you let your dog out is in a major thoroughfare where your dog would pass the device regularly, you can place the device in another location more convenient and train the dog to go to that spot to alert you when it's time to go outside. You will reward your dog in the same way as if they had gone to the door and take them outside immediately