How does PupAlert® work?

A simple collar tag pairs with a device mounted by the door. When the pup sits by the device it sends a message to your smartphone - via our free phone app - wherever you are. The pup sits by the device and the owner receives a notification on their smartphone. Simple! Out they go.

Why do I need PupAlert®?

Like so many other areas of our life, technology has the power to make things easier, quicker and more efficient. PupAlert® is a unique, easy and effective way to eliminate the stresses and strains of potty training – for you and your pet. We lead distracted lives and we don't always know when our pup needs to go. So we've harnessed technology to act as a bridge between dogs and their owners.

How can PupAlert® save me money?

Potty Training is one of the hardest parts of training your Pup. Sure sitting, lying and staying are important… but a dog who isn’t house trained is a NIGHTMARE. Many people spend a lot of money on hours of potty training. And what about carpet cleaning? Repairing hardwood floors?  The bill can run into hundreds of dollars. Even with the best training, sometimes we miss the signals. So PupAlert® not only speeds up training, it makes the whole exercise more efficient. The end result? Quicker and better training.

Is the app free?

Yes and no monthly recurring charges or in-app purchases.

What other features does the app have?

In addition to sending you notifications when your pup needs to go, the app is programmed to remind you to let the pup out at regular intervals. More than that, the app can help you with feeding schedules providing a comprehensive potty training training system.

How do I train my pup to the system?

PupAlert® is designed to be integrated into a potty training program. With a few consistent and easy steps, your dog will learn that by sitting next to the door you choose you will promptly arrive to let them out. Here’s a video explaining what to do: 

How long will it take to train my pup?

Every dog is different, but on average it can take just a few weeks for the pup to get used to using PupAlert® system. Making sure you're pup goes out on time is only one part of training. Ensuring your pup eats at regular, set intervals is also crucial. The PupAlert® system will help you set these schedules and remind you when the pup need to eat, making the whole process much more efficient. 

I have two dogs, can I buy more than one tag?

Yes! The system can be used for multiple pups, so you will know when a pup is sitting by the door.

I have two exit doors, can I buy more than one device?

Yes! Up to 5 exit doors.