Doggy Potty Alert System was $124.99

L3.75" x W 2.5" x D 1"
Battery Life:
6+ Days
Battery Type:
Built in rechargeable Lithium Cell Polymer
Connection Type:
Home Wifi
Durable and shockproof design
Current Stock:

The revolution is now! A unique, easy and effective way to eliminate the stresses and strains of house-breaking .  

How does PupAlert® work? - watch short video here 

The Doggie Potty Alert System includes:

  • a discreet tag which is attached to your dog's collar
  • a device which is placed at or near the door where you wish for your dog to go out - If the door the dog uses has a security metal frame within it the metal may interfere with the device functions.  In this case, the device will ned to be located away from the door by 3-4 feet.
  • an easy-to-use free mobile app - no monthly reoccurring charges. Compatible with Apple iOS 10.0 and higher and with iPhone 5 or iPad 3 or later. 
  • Android in development - coming soon.
  • Not suitable for dogs under 15 lbs

It's simple. When your dog approaches your chosen door the tag on your dog's collar alerts the PupAlert device which then sends a message to your phone via the app informing you that your dog is ready and waiting to be let out. 

Additionally, with your App you can customize and manage your dog’s going out times and feeding schedules. The app is so advanced that the entire family can have notifications on their individual phones!

 The key to a house-trained dog is a consistent schedule and responsive owner. 

‘so, you’ll always know when your pup has to go’


1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. 30 day money back guarantee with receipt of proof of purchase and with ALL original packaging and components.

OMG-it works!

Written by Jeanne S on Feb 10th 2019

Our 2 year old pup would occasionally leave “presents” at the door when we got busy and weren’t paying attention. PupAlert solved our problem! Now we know when he wants to go out, no more presents at the door and everyone is happy.

Pup Alert!

Written by Leebob Willingham on Feb 10th 2019

Awesome product, well designed

Changed my Life

Written by Marjorie N on Jan 22nd 2019

Saw this on Facebook, bought it changed my life - my dog just couldn't get the potty bells so I tried this system in desperation. It works!

Awesome Product

Written by Janice P on Jan 22nd 2019

Was recommended by my breeder to try this to potty train my new puppy. Amazing so simple to use and effective. No more potty accidents as I was always alerted when my pup went to the door.


Written by Brian M on Oct 31st 2018

We tried everything and fortunately we found PupAlert to help our 6 month old Goldendoodle Finn. It was surprisingly easy to train our dog and the customer support was phenomenal. Overall a great product, I just wish we knew about it when we had our other dogs! Thank you PupAlert team!

Great Product

Written by David Agnex on Oct 29th 2018

We are big time pet lovers in my family but admittedly are not very good with dog training. A friend of mine told me about the pup alert and initially i was reluctant because our dog is 5 years old and has never been properly trained. My friend encouraged me and we had our Black Lab named Lucky fully potty trained within two weeks. I highly recommend this product. It is the real deal!

The Alert System

Written by Amy K on Oct 20th 2018

Thank you PupAlert I have a house trained dog in super quick time. No stress but needed a bit of consistent input from me to get it going and with help from other members of my family with the app on their phones too - there really wasn't any excuse for not getting to the door to let Max out.

Potty Training Success

Written by ScottG on Sep 29th 2018

The system really worked for us -wasn't able to get Chloe our 12 month old golden retriever fully house trained. With the the help and guidance of the PupAlert team and their system success for us both in no time at all. Would really recommend this to anyone that is having a house breaking issue

Doggie Potty System

Written by Lisa T on Sep 27th 2018

Easy to set up Easy to use Great training (free) app And awesome customer service even answers on the weekend Thank you PupAlert Team

Awesome system

Written by Brett W on Aug 29th 2018

My 11 year old dog Alfie is on medication and needs to go potty more often especially in the middle of the night We were not aware that he was by the door and so he started to have accidents in the house which was very stressful for both Alfie and us. We were searching for a solution and came across PupAlert’s Doggie Potty Alert System. In no time at all Alfie was used to the system and we are alerted in the middle of the night when he needs to go potty. Happy Alfie Happy family! Thank you PupAlert this is a really great product and I would highly recommend this to anyone that is starting to have issues with a house trained dog for whatever reason.

Pup Alert

Written by Allison Bellairs on Aug 28th 2018

I have been using this system for a month and a half and have really liked it so far. It lets me know when my dogs need to go out. I like that I can customize the app a little bit to fit my needs. Thank you for the awesome product.


Written by Alexa F. on Aug 23rd 2018

I love my PupAlert! It has been such a lifesaver for my floors! I have 2 young children and even they know how to use it! Kid- Proof!! With the help of the awesome PupAlert customer service team, I was able to position the sensor away from the main thoroughfare in my kitchen, and still have the system work perfectly! Thank You PupAlert!!!


Written by Sophia A on Aug 23rd 2018

Saw the ad on Facebook - ordered it - delivered 3 days later Amazing device - easy to set up and use - Great App too System works!!! Really recommend this.


Written by Emma C on Aug 22nd 2018

I was sceptical about this - not another electronic device! Bought it 6 weeks ago on a friends recommendation for my labradoodle puppy Chloe who is 6 months old. I tried everything and I mean everything and nothing really helped to get her potty trained. 3 weeks later we were there !!

Doggy Potty Alert System

Written by Ester J on Aug 3rd 2018

This system really is a gamechanger!!! So simple -easy to set up -to use and my pup who is nearly 12 weeks now is almost fully potty trained. No stress no hassle and no mess. Great customer service too thank you PUPALERT.

Helping keep pets in their forever homes!!

Written by Ronita E. Pitts on Jun 20th 2018

I definitely consider this product revolutionary! I feel one of the main reasons dogs get rehomed is potty training issues, I’m hoping this product sweeps the nation!


Written by Heather R on May 17th 2018

I am so glad someone recommended this product to me. It has been great for our family. We now have a great system to work with for training our dog without spending a lot of money on a dog trainer. This is a smart product and so easy to use. It took no time at all to set up and start the training process. Two thumbs up


Written by Renae G. on Apr 24th 2018

We purchased a darling Yorkie 2 months ago. His breeder said to wait a month to “potty train” our new treasure. We did as instructed. We tried everything our friends, our training books, and memories of training past dogs told us but nothing worked. A friend told me about Pupalert and how easy it was for her to train her 2 year old dog and we immediately ordered the Pupalert. Walla, after working with our puppy for 14 days, he was trained to go to the door and let us know he was ready. That was it. How simple it was to train our pup with Pupalert. Such a great and human-friendly product. So happy it was produced. (Guess a dog treat whenever he did his business didn’t hurt either.)

Pup alert potty system

Written by Leslie on Apr 16th 2018

My dog is 3 and has always struggled with continued accidents in the house. If we are consistent about keeping an eye on her she never has an accident. If we miss her trying to tell us she needs to go outside and we miss seeing her at the door she will sneak off and pee in ththe dinning room. Her accidents have cost me thousands of dollars over the past few years in cleaning fees and new rugs. A fiend recommended this product and it ha you change our lives. I no longer worry that I will miss Honey trying to let us know she needs to go out. She sits by th door and I’m alert d on my phone and we no longer have any accidents. Happy Mom and pup!

Doggie Pottie Alert system

Written by Susie on Apr 12th 2018

I tried the Pup Alert System and it changed my life. I can actually enjoy my 13 week old puppy without worrying about my new living room furniture and carpeting. Thank you for inventing a product that makes owning a puppy more relaxing and enjoyable.

Puppy alert system

Written by Rae Leffman on Apr 12th 2018

On a friend's recommendation I purchased the Puppy Alert System. Our Lab Sam is getting older and having bladder issues. This has been a godsend for us and Sam! We know when he needs to go out. We are so pleased and it works wonderfully! Would recommend this system to anyone with a dog.

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